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All Pro Solutions is a leading manufacturer and innovator of CD/DVD/BD duplicators and publishing systems. Offering the largest selection available and a 3-year standard warranty on the robotics, as well as the industry's only DUAL printer autoloader, All Pro Solutions is setting the standard for the duplication industry. From low-end, entry-level duplicators to highly advanced network-based, mission critical Blu-Ray systems, All Pro Solutions has everything covered from head to toe!

Olympus Series

The Olympus Series CD/DVD/BD Publishers are the top-of-the-line. These systems are network-based and are fully self-contained and automated. Set the system up as a server and have jobs sent to it over the network, copy and print up to 7 unique jobs simultaneously, automate the backup process, or create a custom API to integrate into anyworkflow with the SDK package. These systems provide asynchronous duplication and printing powered by the powerful PoINT Publisher 7.0 software and come in the same configurations as the Apollo and Zeus series duplicators.

Apollo Series

The Apollo series Duplicators and Printers are controlled by the customers' existing PC or MAC computer (Certain models). These systems act as peripherals and are fully automated, allowing for unattended CD DVD duplication and printing, which means all the user must do is set up a job and walk away. Configurations include 2, 4, and 7 drives all integrated with industry's best printers. Depending on the system configuration, disc capacity ranges from 220 discs all the way to 900 discs. These systems can also be configured as printer autoloaders and use any printer we carry.

Zeus Series

The Zeus series duplicators are identical to the Apollo series, the only difference being that there is a PC built directly inside the computer. Simply attached a monitor, keyboard, and mouse and you have a complete standalone and automated workstation. These systems can also be configured as printer autoloaders and use any printer we carry



Hera Series

The Hera Series consists of completey standalone automated duplicators. The system is powered by the built-in controller in the tower, thus not requiring a PC to be operated. Simply load blanks into the input bin, place master on top, and press "copy" on the user friendly keypad, and the system does the rest. These systems are configured with 3, 6, or 9 drives and 330, 630, and 900 disc capacity respectively.

Apollo and Zeus Dual Printer Autoloader.

It has finally arrived!

A dual inkjet printer system that will not limit production to 100-200 printed discs. It's simple, two printers are better than one. When you have two printers with our sturdy, fast, and reliable robotics, in addition to our high capacity, you truly have a powerful solution to inkjet printing. It's not as easy to use as a photo copier... It's EASIER!

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