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Increasingly, companies are concerned that their valuable digital assets may show up on the internet where anyone can obtain them for free.  These concerns are justified, but e-Delivery helps content managers address these concerns.
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e-Delivery provides exceptional control over the distribution and usage of digital content assets.  Applying Digital Rights Managements (DRM) to content distributed with e-Delivery solutions, companies protect their investment in digital assets.  Basic control involves preventing unauthorized copying and distribution of the content.  More advanced capabilities include:

  • Limiting how many devices may access the content
  • Controlling how many times the content may be downloaded
  • Allowing the user to "own" or rent the content
  • Assigning date range when the content would be available
  • Permit user to burn a copy-protected DVD (PC only, DVD video only)
  • Restrict usage for specific types of devices
  • and more!


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