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Does your product reflect the quality you put into it?


DVD Disc Duplication and DVD Disc Publishing services from Endeavor Digital enhances your product's image with thermal print technology (including Everest print for high quality, photorealistic images directly to the disc), can provide security with copy protection, and ensures the best quality products for distribution.


Enhance your product's image with our specialty DVD duplication services, including:

  • DVD Disc Duplication and Disc Publishing (variable data and label printing)
  • Thermal print technology using Rimage Prism and Everest - Everest print is high quality and photo-realistic (up to 600 dpi resolution!)
  • Customized label printing – print variable information on each disc, such as customer name, company name, address, etc.
  • Print serial numbers or bar codes
  • Copy protection
  • Duplication from ISO images
  • Provide master files via FTP
  • 100% verification

Find out more about our other services:

PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover

Download a Label Template Here to Design Your Label for Rimage Printers!

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