How Does e-Delivery Work?

Cloud Delivery

e-Delivery can be integrated into your web site domain.  Digital content items are processed through a special encoding program and uploaded to the site.  Prices and Digital Rights Management (DRM) are assigned during this process.  Publishers can add preview pictures or trailers (for video files and DVD Video), metadata (title, director, publisher, year produced, etc.), item description, and more.  Each digital content item can have multiple price options (i.e., one price for a 24 or 48-hour rental, another price for download to own, a third price for download and to have a physical package sent to the customer, etc.)
Payment Processing Options Many payment options are available.  The default option is our Visa and MasterCard processing.  This option is subject to a small service fee.  Revenue from sales is paid monthly, less applicable download fees. 

Customers are welcome to use their own payment processing if it is an option that has been integrated.  In these cases, revenues from transactions go directly to the content owners account and download fees are charged monthly to a credit card supplied by the publisher.  Integrated payment processing options can be seen in the infographic to the left.

When customers make their first purchase, an account is established and they are directed to a URL where they can download the viewer.  Upon downloading the viewer

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and logging into their account, all purchased content is available.  Conveniently for the publisher and the user, all content the user buys from you is displayed in the viewer.  With proper DRM, users with multiple devices can access the digital content from any of their devices.

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