Rimage Media Kit - CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray (BD) for

Optimizing Production on Your Rimage System



A Rimage Media Kit is the ultimate complement to any Rimage system!  A Rimage Media Kit is available for every system and every printer currently manufactured by Rimage.  Get them with CD, DVD or Blu-Ray media and
ribbons or ink cartridges for Everest or 480i printers.  The advantages of buying a media kit for your Rimage system include:


  • Rimage Guarantee
    • Rimage guarantees that the CD, DVD or Blu-Ray media and ribbons or ink included in the media kit are optimized to work with your Rimage system
    • If they fail, Rimage will replace them (see details on data sheet)


  • Pricing
    • Buying a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray media kit is competitively priced compared to buying media and ribbons or ink separately
    • Place orders by calling us direct or buying online from our eBay store


  • Convenience
    • Buying a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray Rimage Media Kit is easier than ordering media and ribbons or ink separately

Contact Endeavor Digital for more information or
buy them direct from the Rimage WebShop for additional peace of mind!

See the Rimage Media Kits data sheet!


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Get the Media Reader from Rimage and input from virtually any storage medium!


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