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The fastest growing segment of the technology industry is mobile devices.  For the first time, in 2012, tablet computers outsold laptops.  Companies must be able to deliver their valuable content to the mobile market and monetize it.  e-Delivery accomplishes that by automatically converting content to the user's platform (PC, Mac, Android, iOS, SmartTV, Kindle Fire) for use.
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e-Delivery expands a company's markets.  Distributing content via electronic download enables a company to sell its products worldwide.  Built-in conversion of currency (US dollars and Euros) makes it easier for US companies to open European markets and vice versa.  Electronic delivery eliminates shipping, customs and duties typically required for international business.


Many applications for digital content delivery exist:

  • Training (video, documents, audio, conference speakers, etc.)
  • Education (textbooks, audio books, seminars, testing, etc.)
  • Entertainment (movies, music, new band releases, screeners, etc.)
  • Fundraising (video, documents)
  • Corporate presentations (interactive, multimedia, documents, etc.)
  • Software delivery
  • Subscriptions (electronic magazines, movie services)
  • Television programming (TV station productions, public access, etc.)
  • and many more!

Monetize and deliver virtually any digital content with e-Delivery!
  • DVD Video
  • HD Video
  • Audio Books
  • Music
  • E-Books
  • Applications
  • Interactive Content (HTML, PDF, Flash, Video, Images, etc.)


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