Rimage Video Protect (RVP) Copy Protection Solution for DVD Video


Rimage Video Protect (RVP)
is a fully integrated copy protection option for DVD video, exclusively available on Rimage Producer™ III and Professional™ series of disc publishers.

Highlights of Rimage Video Protect (RVP):

  • Secure, strong copy protection
  • High playback compatibility with DVD players
  • Formulated for "on demand" disc publishing
  • Seamless integration in disc creation workflow
  • Menus, special features and extras unaffected

Rimage Video Protect (RVP) copy protection for DVD Video is available on the Producer and Professional Series of the Rimage Family of products!

Contact Endeavor Digital, Inc. to learn more about Rimage Video Protect (RVP) or to have us apply the copy protection to your DVD Video discs when we duplicate your discs!

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Rimage Video Protect (RVP)

Original media content is not modified and playback quality remains unaffected. Protection is achieved through copy control encapsulation in areas of the disc that are not read by DVD players during playback.

RVP is a passive software solution that encapsulates data files oa DVD disc causing access to the content by common ripping programs to be controlled.

When played on a PC, no software is installed.


  • Corporate & Product Training
  • High Value Content
  • Pre-release Video
  • Screeners
  • Wedding Videos
  • Sports Videos
  • Marketing Previews
  • and more!

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