Computer Based Training (CBT) on CD, DVD, Blu-Ray -

Supports Multimedia and Interactive Presentations!

Computer based training is here to stay!  There’s no disputing its effectiveness.  (Consider the Wal-Mart employees who knew what to do in their store to protect customers when a tornado warning was issued - they learned it in their interactive, multimedia CBT sessions!)  Computer based training encompasses an interactive and multimedia combination of video demonstrations, interactive testing and data dissemination.  Rimage systems can help you assemble the multimedia components of your CBT on to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray discs.  CBT can be a standalone presentation or an enhancement to interpersonal training in a classroom setting.


Professional looking, high quality discs are always the standard from the printers included on Rimage systems.  From ink jet to Everest 600 photorealistic print, your message will be enhanced by unsurpassed appearance of the discs.


Prevent theft of your computer based training material with copy protection solutions!  Computer based training is one of the hottest items for intellectual theft.  Make sure your hard work is protected with one of our copy protection  solutions.


Producer Family Data Sheet - Includes the 6100, 6100N, 7100, 7100N, 8100 & 8100N


Professional Series Data Sheet - Includes the 5100 (DLN5100) & 5300 (DLN5300)


Desktop Data Sheet - 2000i Model


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Get the Media Reader from Rimage and input from virtually any storage medium!


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