Rimage Media Reader


Files come to you in many formats and on various media types and devices. You can easily bring them into your disc publishing system with the Rimage Media Reader; an accessory to any Rimage Disc Publisher, Rimage Disc Authoring Solution or Rimage Copy Station.

Key Features

  • Offload entire media card content with the click of a button (when using Rimage Copy Station)
  • Supports 20 media card types
  • Supports CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc™
  • Offload files from almost any portable hard drive with USB connectivity


Ingest Digital Files

Use the Media Reader in conjunction with your disc publisher to ingest pictures, data files, or any information stored on memory cards or optical discs. The Rimage Media Reader is designed to work seamlessly with disc publishers without distracting you from your workflow.
Easy to use. Insert your disc, SD card or other storage device into the Media Reader and use QuickDisc™, the Disc Copy Station™ ‘Device Offload’ button, or your normal file access process to import files.
Wide range of supported devices. The Media Reader is compatible with optical discs, USB devices, SD cards and several other storage devices. See specifications tab for a full list of supported devices.
Simplify your workflow. The Rimage Media Reader reduces the time and steps required to import your digital files, making disc production faster and simpler. It also allows you to access an optical disc without stopping Rimage Production Server.
Easy to install. The Media Reader can be installed with any Rimage Disc Publishing System; simply plug in the power and USB cables and you are ready to offload your media to disc in under a minute, with no tools required.

Rimage Media Reader

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