TrusCont DVD-R Copy Protection
With Enhanced DVD-R Media!


Trusted Content Delivery

Software and content publishers can now easily protect their content from illegal copy and use.

TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R discs can be recorded and read by standard computers and DVD recorders. TrusCont DVD-R Protection Toolkit is based on Nero Burning Rom and supports a wide range of DVD recorders.

Protecting your DVDs was never easier:


1. Download TrusCont DVD-R Protection Toolkit

2. Get TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R discs (available worldwide)

3. Start recording your own copy protected DVDs

Key Features

  • Perfect resistance to recording software and hardware
  • Totally transparent to end users (no passwords, no driver installations, etc.)
  • Protected content is useable as long as the original medium is present in a local drive
  • Fully compatible with standard DVD devices and Windows operating systems

  • DVD-R Protection Toolkit   

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