Tapeless Video Workflow from Rimage
for P2 HD Solid State Memory Cards

Rimage’s option for tapeless video workflow enables automated output from the Panasonic P2 HD solid state memory card.  Output of solid state cards for Sony and Canon is also possible with minimal user input.  Rimage’s archiving technology automates tapeless workflow through output of the 4GB video segments to individual DVDs using tags and metadata from the P2 HD solid state memory card for labeling the discs.  Now featuring a fully functional Mac client interface, video production companies and TV news programs can save money through greater utilization of their solid state cards.



  • Automated tapeless workflow output from P2 HD Solid State Memory Card to DVD or Blu-Ray!
  • Automatic disc labeling!
  • DiscFlow, the Mac-based interface now available!
  • Save money through greater utilization of existing P2 HD solid state memory cards!

 In addition to facilitating tapeless workflow, Rimage will double as the ideal production system for client sample discs, archival storage and duplication of discs for commercials, events, and community service announcements.  Equipped with the Everest 600 printer to print high-resolution labels, get breath-taking results and an incredibly professional appearance!


Of course, Rimage systems are available with Blu-Ray recorders for high-definition (HD) tapeless workflow.


Tapeless Video Workflow from P2 HD solid state memory cards is

available from Rimage on Producer and Professional Series Systems


Rimage Video Products Brochure


Tapeless Video Workflow Product Brief


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